I was over it so beyond over it, just one long work day run into a kind of terrible half one, and the line to get a slice of pizza was not moving I swear it was like jury duty but there was no line at McDonalds so I was just forget it and got a number 16 with a Diet Coke.

I ate in between the outcomes assessment meeting and the web design meeting, which is worse? I cut up an avocado, dashed with salt and pepper, ate half of it with my sandwich for lunch. Perfect.

K.’s suggestion was Arthur Avenue in the Bronx. My idea was let’s go to the mall. I won. The food was terrible. And when did they start showing really loud television in the food court? O. had a slice of pizza. K. reported she would have enjoyed her turkey chili if there had been less of it.

We came back from the beach for lunch before heading out for a hike around the lake. K. made food, I grabbed snacks while she assembled, that bottomless kind of hungry you get when you’re camping. I ate the rest of the sweet potato rounds K. grilled at dinner, big candy starch snacks, so good. Everything should be grilled.

I was that particular kind of stressed out when I get when we’re packing to go. There’s always just so much stuff. Why is there so much stuff? I became fixated on the idea of a soft-sided organizing box. Too many bags. K. asked if I wanted my cheese sandwich just cheese or grilled and all I could see was the six minutes and the dishes. Cold was fine.

Finished the soup, finished the sweet potatoes, staring at the Internet like you do when you don’t get to your lunch until 3pm because of filling out forms and paperwork and that sort of thing. Sweet potatoes. What a good idea. I ate two of them.

So my internet running friends told me to pile my salads high with protein. I worry about women not getting enough protein said somebody in the group. So I boiled two eggs, sliced two eggs into my salad, two! Plus cheese and tomatoes and cucumber and it was enough.


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