The thing about a giant salad is that it actually takes a long time to eat, almost the full hour between my desk shift and my website design meeting, I’ve started adding sunflower seeds and that’s a good addition, maybe too many eggs though. And I wished it was a burger. What can I add to my salad to make me not wish it was a burger?

On my way to recycle my collection of old running shoes and to buy a new pair of running shoes I walked past this banh mi place and stopped and got the veggie chicken extra spicy, if I lived near the banh mi place I would eat there every day, is there a better sandwich in the world?

The day was wall to wall transit including the beach and the upper west side and it was all only going to fit if I ate on the run. So why not a post-race lunch? In my apartment, with the cat, wearing sunglasses.

I ran fourteen miles from my house to 125th street and caught the A train to S.’s house, where I asked for a banana and was informed that teenagers had eaten them out of house and home so we rushed around the corner to the closest place and both got the breakfast burrito, my coffee was hot and S.’s was cold. Inhaled it.

It hardly feels like summer when the day is refdesk, meeting, refdesk and I don’t get to my reheated soup until 2. S. came and sat in my office to chit chat while I ate, work gossip, complaining, the usual. The secret to better soup is more cumin. This is what I am learning.

The salad had everything in it that a salad should have in it, spinach, a protein (tuna), beets, seeds. But all I wanted was a cheeseburger. I ate my salad sadly, dreaming of a cheeseburger, which is what I ended up having immediately after I got off work.

What that lentil soup needed was some potatoes. A couple of sweet potatoes and I would have stayed full.


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