I had this slim half hour between a desk shift and another desk shift, life having been juggled around to accommodate a strategic planning meeting that really kinda sorta didn’t happen. But it was enough time to swallow the last of the lentil and tuna salad, a lunch that makes me feel like an athlete. It’s just so protein packed!

I had half an hour between my desk shift and the speaker C. brought in to talk about qualitative and quantitative research methods so I ate my lentil and tuna salad as fast as I could and then ran upstairs and learned something. Jobs in higher education! Sometimes they’re really great.

I nabbed A. from his house and he and O. and I went to the Smashburger and got fast food before the game. Top five of what I like doing right now, taking that kid to the game. And we pulled it out, scored a goal on Fairleigh Dickinson after lagging all game. Victory!

I had the house to myself which was all I’d been wanting so I used the time and space to loll around and make lentil salad and watch America’s Next Top Model on cable.

I met B. in my old neighborhood, it’s already my old neighborhood, and we had the lunch special and then cups of coffee and talked and talked and talked and the woman next to us was considering library school so we talked and talked and talked about that until I really had to go, I had a haircut scheduled. A really nice lunch, a lunch special, even.

Lack of food in the house meant more fast food which honestly is not the worst thing that ever happened to me. I’ve taken to eating in the fast food restaurant rather than eating in my office. It makes me feel human. Well, like an American human.

What comes with the chicken and rice platter? I asked, and the answer, chicken and rice, should have sent me in another direction, but I was not making the best choices. I took it to go and ate on a bench on the train platform, mistaken in my belief that the 1:03pm would take me home to New York-Penn Station. Nope. Only going to Trenton. I waiting until 1:20 for the pokey old local.


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