Nineteen miles. Wow that was hard. I felt like my legs were barely even working by the end of it. Exhausting/exhausted. I made a smoothie and a bagel and sat on the couch and watched college football and ate and it wasn’t enough.

C. picked me up from therapy–new day and time!–and we went to a restaurant she liked but they weren’t serving brunch because it was a weekday. Fine with me. Chicken sandwich and fries. Perfect. Perfect company too.

Relegated to fast food. There was no other way to get through the day. It’s what I like best anyway.

I called and ordered in food to eat while I waited for movers and the gas company guy and somebody from the cable place. It was so much waiting. My stomach felt awful. I choked down what I could but really I just wanted the whole moving thing to be over. Over!

It had been a very long time since I went to the campus Subway formerly the campus Quizno’s. It always takes forever to get your sandwich, it feels so sad and dejected. But it was what it was. I ate fast in the twenty minute pocket between the meeting and my desk shift, had to save some of my sandwich for later.

I think I was supposed to celebrate home ownership in some way other than reheated lentil soup at 4pm because that’s when the conference call finally ended.

O. and I. were done with the Climate March early, and I needed a break in packing, so why not pick them up at DeKalb and catch the second half of the soccer game against George Mason? After watching a Blackbird loss we went across the street and got burgers and fries. The place was packed with soccer fans, we had to eat outside. A furry hammerhead shark stood on the sidewalk looking at the menu. O. took forever to eat.


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