I’m done, toast for the week, done done done. Too cold and too long, too dark and too loud. Done. Burger and fries, and they comp’ed my fries. I go all the time and I tip all the time and it has now been awhile since I paid for a side.

I managed to completely sidestep the Aramark pasta salad. This has long been a problem of mine, being wooed by a bowl of institutional pasta salad, giving myself a scoop of it, then having to deal with the detritus on the plate. It’s always terrible. Unless it’s macaroni salad. Why and how does institutional macaroni salad taste so good?

I ate too many minimuffins at the mid-morning meeting which meant that I did not want my lunch until after my class but that was a mistake: so cranky. So cranky!

Reeled off three quick miles, the quickest in awhile, came home, hopped in the shower, put the laundry in the washing machine, K. dished up vegetable omelets for the grownups, eggs and potatoes and toast to the little guys, and domestic scene.

I took a break from the Digital Labor forum and zoned out in a Chipotle to Soda Crush. I look forward to later trading on a critique of that behavior.

I love the super spicy ramen packets K. brings home from her Wednesday night class in Koreatown. A bowl of it is what drove me home through the headwinds on my afternoon three miler.

I ate at my desk before the all staff meeting, food from home which made me feel like a good person.


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