Does it count as a free lunch if you have to eat it in a strategic planning meeting?

O. and I ate pizza and watched a monster truck rally on the television while we waited for the clock to roll around to K.’s turn to hang with O. and my turn to work my coop shift. It is just plain bonkerz what they make those trucks do. They’re too big to do a 360 aerial!

I ate ramen in front of my laptop, grading grading grading, there’s something about service learning projects they don’t tell you: lots more work for the teacher.

H.’s comments on my paper were so long that I was a little bit afraid of them. Overwhelmed! She wrote paragraphs! But I ate my ramen and chatted with her on Skype and everything sounds easier when a Canadian says it out loud.

I did my virtuous part and ate a bunch of leftovers out of the refrigerator, K. left me all the potatoes, a nice spring break day reading and writing, I managed to finish revisions on one article and had a four hour break before getting revisions on the next. It’s a good life!

I knew I was getting clean vegan food with my clean vegan friend D. for dinner so why not throw down some french fries just to even things out?

C. and I went to the Thai place on Fulton and she picked up the tab this time because I picked up the tab last time. We talked assessment shop, a talk I still kind of can’t believe I can talk, but I can, and do, and get paid for it. Life is nuts.


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