One of those work days where lunch didn’t happen until after 2pm, not my favorite kind of day but what can you do when you’re in a class and then at the desk and by the time it rolled around all I wanted was a burger and fries so that’s what I had.

The roasted potato rounds were my favorite part of my lunch salad, even M. commented on them when she stopped by my ¬†office. Are those potatoes? Those look good! I think K. has really nailed the sweet spot in terms of size and shape of cut of potato for best roasted experience. She’s been doing a lot of practicing.

The baseball team has shoveled out a patch of grass for home plate, a thin apron for the outfield, batting practice in the frozen wind. I’m standing over the heat vent in my office watching swing after swing, eating the last slices of this browning pear.

Uh oh what could I do, I left my salad container on the living room table, no options at all but the Smashburger across the street, fries instead of pickles today, it was just the way the wind as blowing between my desk shift and my conference call.

It was silly but I was actually kind of nervous about my food processing shift, I hadn’t done it before, what would happen, where would I put my coat? So of course I darted out of my apartment thinking it would take me an hour to get there when really it took twenty minutes, sat at the pizza place and ate two slices. A kid pushed the button endlessly on this yellow plastic minion toy to make it make minion sounds. How his family stands it, I have no idea.

In a hazy daze from my 5am wakeup for a four hour volunteer shift at the Al Gordon 4 miler in the the park. I know I’ll be glad for the rest of the year that my plus one is out of the way, but wow, so early, so cold. I ate ramen, hot soup was the right answer.

Among other things, B. and I agree about the new Framework for Information Literacy in Higher Education, also about going to lunch at the same place we went last time. Routine. Is anything better?


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