Got home from Toronto to a broken refrigerator. Reached into the freezer to get something to thaw out, no need, it was warm. So. To the fast food restaurant for lunch. I tried a new kind of chicken sandwich today, with hot sauce and blue cheese. Needed something to keep my spirits up.

Ridiculously timed day, long run followed by the airport then public transit to the hotel, I didn’t get here until 3pm and by then I’d had a fried egg and a smoothie and a weird breakfast cookie on the Canadian plane. I need more food than that! So I ate a small poutine at the french fry place under the hotel and the apple I bought to make correct change for the bus. Yum!

I tried to hold out because I had it on good authority that there would be refreshments at the union Town Hall meeting, but then I was too hungry and went to the campus Subway to scrape the gutter with a foot long veggie sub. Good thing, too. Refreshments turned out to be Halloween candy, which is just not enough food for a body in training.

I ate the lentil soup and felt like a good person for doing so and then I was still ravenous so went downstairs to get a sandwich, aka real food.

I had this dish of thawed lentil soup, but my body wanted a burger and fries, it just wanted a burger and fries. It has been an absolutely absurd week of missed deadlines, so out of character, I just wanted a burger. And fries. So that’s what I had. And then I felt sick.

One of the benefits of moving in with K. and O. is ready and consistent access to good food, including a composed salad from Sunday night’s leftovers, packed by K. because I was the only person going to work in the morning.

I ordered my current favorite meal from my current favorite Thai place in the neighborhood, they delivered it in about six minutes and I scarfed it down in four on the couch watching football, twenty miles behind me.


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