It’s summer and I still have to grab fast food in the twenty minutes between a meeting and refdesk? God.

This salad’s big innovation: a handful of olives. I love olives so much and by lunchtime they’d made everything else taste like olives.

The problem with a cheeseburger and fries is that even though it is the only thing I want in the whole wide world, it is always regrettable, always every single time a thing to regret. And yet. Gobbled it. Delicious. The best best best.

Among the many changes to commencement this year is the shift of the campus barbecue to the day of the grand ceremony. Total hit with me. I cried at the valedictory speech and then tweeted through the reading of 1600 names then wandered back to campus, returned my rental gown, picked up my Aramark meal, and ate it with my email in my office. It’s a good life!

R. came to Brooklyn so we could hang out and chat away from Twitter and could try to reel her into doing some kind of feminist project with me. So many choices in the world, we went to the ramen place. I tried the vegetarian ramen since all the meat ramens are so gnarly and it was nice to just fearlessly slurp the whole bowl. Also it’s great to talk to somebody with kids now that I also have a kid. Feels good to be seen.

A week out from the Brooklyn Half I did eight miles at a 10:42 clip, about 30 seconds faster than my long run training pace, it was hotter than it’s been yet, the whole exercise knocked me out even though it was shorter than the last six weeks for a long run. All of which is to say, I was tired and hungry by the time I got home, swallowed brie on baguette from the night before, got into bed and took a nap.

I ate a bowl of ramen in a blissfully empty house, in between reading my book.


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