I ate a turkey sandwich at my desk while working through the weeding list. Both were a bit dry.

I ate half a cantaloupe that K. cut up for me and the entire time I just kept seeing the cookies on the kitchen counter that I almost packed for myself and then was all shrug, I have all this fruit, that’s plenty. What was I thinking? What was I thinking?

Look at how virtuous I am, what a good person, to be eating half a red pepper cut up in a salad, not only nutrients but also now we won’t be throwing away that half a red pepper. What I really wanted was a pile of cookies, a cheeseburger. But watch me be good!

I ate my quinoa salad, O. ate his PB&J, I. ate his turkey and salami and we sat on the 4 train headed to Yankee Stadium. This is the part of kids I really love, that I didn’t anticipate, that it took me awhile to come around to. It’s fun. It’s fun to go to a game and watch them take it all in. The crying, the bedtimes, I could do without that. But O.’s face when JD Martinez stepped up to the plate, his full-throated rendering of the national anthem, these parts are good parts.

I buckled down and mustered focus and hammered out the next issue of Radical Teacher start to finish without stopping. And then to just continue this run of doing the right thing I ate a bunch of the leftover stir fry from the other night for dinner. Such a good person! So much virtue!

Ten miles and a round of psychotherapy later and I was so hungry, grabbed a veggie sub from the place outside the train station, ate it on a soutbound 2 train.

I ate the rest of last night’s birthday farro salad and I think maybe cold farro salads with interesting accompaniments might be the thing to do this summer. Cold and filling and pretty much just really good. I also had a slab of cheese in between two slices of bread. That’s a sandwich, right?


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