What comes with the chicken and rice platter? I asked, and the answer, chicken and rice, should have sent me in another direction, but I was not making the best choices. I took it to go and ate on a bench on the train platform, mistaken in my belief that the 1:03pm would take me home to New York-Penn Station. Nope. Only going to Trenton. I waiting until 1:20 for the pokey old local.

I had to leave my office by 2 to get O. to take him to his dental appointment so of course I didn’t have time to actually eat my soup from home. Instead I bought a sandwich from the place just out of the subway station and inhaled it while walking double time to the school. The whole set up is lacking in the convenience department, neither school nor dentist anywhere near an appropriate train.

Got home from Toronto to a broken refrigerator. Reached into the freezer to get something to thaw out, no need, it was warm. So. To the fast food restaurant for lunch. I tried a new kind of chicken sandwich today, with hot sauce and blue cheese. Needed something to keep my spirits up.

I got to the airport with hours of time, but wow I didn’t have the energy in me to make any decisions beyond this last one, which burrito to get for lunch at the Toronto airport Freshii. I opted for one that came with barbecue sauce. It was great. I was so ready, beyond ready, to be at home.

I had been so worried, beyond worried, about whether or not we’d ordered enough food. We had plenty. Maybe two entire trays of leftover sandwiches. I waited until I was sure everybody else had gotten something and by then all that was left were ham sandwiches and some green salad, served with regular old bottles of regular old dressing that you would buy at the regular old grocery store. Not Aramark, that’s for sure! Everywhere I looked people were sitting in group from two to six talking. It all made me so happy, like we’d really managed to pull off a thing that worked.

Ridiculously timed day, long run followed by the airport then public transit to the hotel, I didn’t get here until 3pm and by then I’d had a fried egg and a smoothie and a weird breakfast cookie on the Canadian plane. I need more food than that! So I ate a small poutine at the french fry place under the hotel and the apple I bought to make correct change for the bus. Yum!

I tried to hold out because I had it on good authority that there would be refreshments at the union Town Hall meeting, but then I was too hungry and went to the campus Subway to scrape the gutter with a foot long veggie sub. Good thing, too. Refreshments turned out to be Halloween candy, which is just not enough food for a body in training.


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