I got out of class and back down to my office and thought I’d eat one cookie and then heat up my soup but once I started on one cookie I had to finish all of them and that’s what happened. I’m not proud of myself, it’s just what it is. Then I heated up the roasted beets.

A. met me at the end of the 18 miler and we found a diner because I wanted pancakes but once we got there I wanted eggs and the brunch special came with juice and coffee so why not. The frittata was huge, came on an extra large plate, and thin and a little chewy, but feta cheese, what a great idea. We talked kids and shop. Is there anything else these days?

D. and I. met me and O. at the Smashburger across the street from campus and we got burgers and fries and soda in advance of the women’s volleyball game. I’ve been eating that fast food pretty much nonstop for a year and a half but it took D. eating there once and pulling out his phone to get me to sign up for the Smashburger club. Now I am inundated with coupons.

My bacon was totally saved by the internationalization meeting’s Aramark lunch which I was able to scarf down in ten minutes after I left that meeting early and got to my refdesk shift by noon. Friday, what Friday?

I’ve been spending so much time at work that I had remnants in the refrigerator, bits of lentil salad, one last midmorning snack that I ate at lunch. Is it the weekend yet?

I met B. at the Metrotech Chipotle and we ordered our food and then sat outside to talk shop both business and domestic until a pestering bee made us pack up and move to a bench.

I ate at my desk after my workout and worried over my left leg and the wonky feeling I’ve had since Sunday. But rolling it and doing some lunges must have helped, yeah? We’ll see in the morning, I guess. The salad was good, just screams protein-packed, but of course I want french fries. What do to, what to do. I wish there was a live feed of the Salaita press conference. What to do, what to do.


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