O. ate chicken noodle soup and so did K. and I ate the rest of the chili O. and I made. I was just back from a run in the snow, O. and K. were about to head out in it for sledding. It felt like the weekend, but it wasn’t, as O. kept observing. A snow day!

I had half an hour between the end of my conference call and needing to get outside to stand on the corner and wait for O.’s school bus. I swallowed my bowl of chili, so hungry, I’d waited until 2pm to eat, that is really too late.

I made this tuna salad in the morning, felt like some kind of superwoman, who makes a pot of lentils in the morning? Somebody who wants to stave off an afternoon cheeseburger, that’s who.

I packed a salad from home but by the time I got out of my dentist appointment I was so hungry I just couldn’t wait. I stopped at a pizza spot on the way back to the office and wolfed down a slice that cost $3.50. Looking at the clientele I could sort of tell why it cost that much. Apparently it’s super gourmet.

Still working through this stomach flu/virus/food poisoning/extended nausea situation. Not my favorite. Choked down a bagel with cream cheese and turkey while working through a weeding list, hoping the blandness would just stay put. So far so good.

O. happily ate his turkey sandwich and carrots in the Amtrak seat just across the aisle but I was still roiling from a stomach virus, wow it was hard. But I didn’t want to go with so little food that I got completely addled and lost the guy. So I got the cheese and cracker tray and ate it really slowly, at least some of it. Nausea is its own horrible animal, no?

K. and I were both roiling from our meal at the Chili’s in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Never go there. I’m serious. So we avoided food, avoided food, avoided food until we started yelling at each other on I-70 approaching Hagerstown. In a sea of terrible options Subway was the least terrible. Got the calories in, as close as we could get to putting our stomachs at rest.


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