I’ve watched so much Toddlers & Tiaras that ordering a burrito supreme sounds like I’m granting some giant prize. I’ve also flown Delta from Detroit to LaGuardia so many times that I knew just what my options work at the A70 gates, and that Taco Bell was pretty much the best I could do. I ate in my seat as the flight boarded.

K. put in some time on the elliptical downstairs and I stayed upstairs and made everybody sandwiches, even O. had a little one and pronounced, You make good sandwiches. I don’t what I did to get the current privileged spot on his team that I hold, I suspect it’s nothing I did at all, but it’s pretty nice. It means my sandwiches are pretty much always good these days.

We ate at the mall, O. had a hot dog and fries and K. picked out a greek salad with gyro meat as the best of the available options. That seemed right to me. It was a good swerve out of the Lego store drama. So much drama.

I was pushing us to just go go go, just leave, I was so hungry and out of patience, but I was wrong and K. was right as usual, it was the right decision to eat at home before we left, I had a sandwich with everything on it.

It wasn’t the best ever lunch, but honestly I was just glad to finally be at the airport after messing up the train times and operating well outside my zone of comfort, I asked the guy at the sandwich place in the Newark Delta terminal what was good and he said the reuben so hey, why not?

I did my K. impression, packing an arugula sandwich to the conference to see J.’s talk so I could have something other than burger and fries on my quick trip back to the school to grab O. and W. for running class. I ate on the platform at Broadway Lafayette, salad in a plastic bowl, a fork from my kitchen.

I’d been wanting a cheeseburger since last night around 5 when G. sent around the news about free cheeseburgers. I paid for mine, cash, got fries too, sat and ate at the restaurant like a person full of time. The whole thing was very Jughead.


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